Under 10

            All players should experience all positions including the goalkeeper position. All players should have and an opportunity over the course of the season to learn some of the basics of handling; moving in the goal and positioning.

Areas of concentration for keeper coaching:

  1. The four basic handling positions
  2. Basic positioning concepts
  3. Basic and safe distribution (kicks and throws) to teammates for possession and to begin the attack.
  4. Balance/Coordination not only goalkeeper specific exercises with or without the ball.


            Players should still play a multiple of positions and a number of different players serve as goalkeepers. There should be no full time goalkeepers at the early ages in this group. As the players mature through the age groups, they will evolve into playing certain positions and fewer players are used as goalkeepers.

Areas of concentration for keeper coaching:

  1. Shot handling and safe diving
  2. Handling different flank attacks, including winning crosses.
  3. Understand their role as a back pass option to maintain possession or relieve pressure.
  4. Ability to communicate and organize their defensive players
  5. Speed/Power/Footwork/Core Strength

15 and Older Youth

            Players are now often put into specialized positions including the goalkeeper. However, at this stage the goalkeeper must also be a competent and comfortable field player.

Areas of concentration for keeper coaching:

  1. Advanced shot stopping – including collapse and extension dive saves
  2. Commanding the penalty area and beyond (supporting the back defenders)
  3. Organization of the defense
  4. Handling flank attacks from the end line to the touchline.
  5. A high level of sophistication in positioning
  6. Plyometrics/Goalkeeper Fitness/Power programs (explosiveness)/ Core strength.

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