Hi Coach Grant:  I want to thank you for all the time you spent tonight working with Cole.  He has recently decided to try goalie to help his team out but really needed some instruction.  He had fun working with you and told me that he learned a lot. My Dad thought it was great too — he called me right away to tell me what a great teacher/coach you are!  Many thanks.  - Marnie (Amherst, NY)

I really want to thank you for the job you did with Cassidy. She was not keen on playing defense, but she is the type of kid who will play where a coach asks her and do her best, but you know I really think it has helped her tremendously on offense, she reads the field unbelievable now (in high school). It amazes me when you put confidence in a player what you get in return. I really want to thank you for putting confidence back in her game, She has been by far the strongest girl offensively(dribbling,speed, setup and control) on the High School team. - Ron K. (Orchard Park, NY)

I can tell you that Abby's never had a better coach than you, and we have been with a lot good ones. You're smart, fair, passionate about the game, highly organized, and most important honest with your players. So many coaches tell the players nothing, or else what they want to hear, not what they need to hear. It's hard to put yourself out there and be honest --- and you do it well. Don't change! - Tom S. (Buffalo, NY)
You taught the boys quite a bit, developing both soccer players and teaching them how to be responsible, mature young men.  Thanks for all you did for them, and Seth in particular.  The "extra mile" you went was recognized and appreciated. - Pamela S. (Clarence, NY)
I can't thank you enough for the time, patience, dedication, and understanding you have invested in these guys.  I got to see Zach develop, grow, and apply himself through your guidance in a so many ways I thought I may never see again.  What I do know that there were an infinite amount of highlights whether big or small when it came to Zach playing for you.  He never complained.  He remained the most dedicated I had ever seen him.  I praise you for this. - Cheryl C. (Clarence, NY)

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